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Dee-Halloween pose

Goal: $500

$305 raised so far,   $195 to go!

Thank you for visiting my tem page to support us in this most worthy cause

Please join my team and be a part of something big!

Together we can help feed, shelter, vaccinate, treat and rescue so many animals!

I have had many rescues throughout my life and still continue with rescuing animals today, I volunteer for Friends for the Animals of Metro Detroit, (formerly Dearborn Animal shelter) I do what I can, but I really need your help during this fundraiser, to help us reach our goal!

100% of the Proceeds will benefit the animals in need!

Please help me reach my goal!

The animals need you! 

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My past rescue, RIP my sweet boy 9/24/2015

Ruby Rue and Dee Enjoying the couch

another one of my rescues

another one of my rescues

Ruby Rose - 8/3/2016 RIP my sweet baby girl, you were loved and are missed

He found me outside of my work place 16 years old, he is a big lover

A recent FFDAS-FMAD shelter dog who found her forever home

A recent shelter dog from FFDAS-FAMD, who found his forever home

A baby doll puppy who found her forever home from FFDAS (FAMD)

A lovely puppy Who has found his forever home from FFDAS (FAMD)

My cat

Ginger my boxer baby. Always in my heart, always missed RIP 4/1/2009

My grocery store birthday rescue from my girlfriend, 16 years old

This is a SWEET fundraising site by Blue Sky Collaborative