"Asking for Money" tipsheet
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Raise a Paw Prints for Pledges

Paw Print kitFundraising Help: Run a "Raise a Paw" Campaign!
  1. ORDER PAW PRINTS from Michelle. They will be available for pick up at Aleta Sill's Bowling World or mailed to you.
  2. SELL to your friends, family, co-workers, and clients! Works great in a high traffic area.  The support of a local business would work great!  Download a PAW PRINT POSTER. Or, contact Michelle for a full Paw Print kit.
  3. COLLECT the money in an envelope or pick up the money from your supporting local business.
  4. CREATE an online fundraising page or Start a Team and call it 'Your Business Name'. Teams will eligible for special prize. View Top 5 Teams
  5. ADD CASH DONATIONS to your page by making a donation to your own page (via credit card), saving the cash to pay your credit card bill, or bring  to Aleta Sill's Bowling World to take online for you! Or, we'll come by and pick it up!
Note:  Paw Prints can be proudly displayed in business or handed out to individuals who donate....a great impression for the cause made either way!
Tip: In a business, attaining donations is only as effective as the invitation to make a donation at point of sale.
Just ask!  "Would you like to make a donation today....100% will help animals in need!"

Social Media Tips:
  • Email, post or tweet a link to your Fundraising Page
  • Use the Share Tool on your Fundraising Page....sharing right onto your Friends' Walls is effective!
  • Thank your donators with a post on social media...don't forget to "tag" them, and a pic is always nice, too!

Fundraising Tips:
  • Set a pledge goal.
  • Just ask.  Most people will give something to help animals in need.  Even if they say no, you raised awareness!
  • Raise money online - Participate!
    • A Fundraising Web Page will be created for you that you can personalize with photos and a message!
    • From your Web page you can email family and friends so they can make online donations in your support!
    • Create a link to your Web page from Facebook, Twitter,  and other media to generate even more support.
    • Create a fun YouTube or FACEBOOK LIVE video!
    • You can also track your progress and see who has made a pledge online.
  • Print a Pledge Collection Form and use it to collect offline pledges. Offline pledges can be taken online by either:
    • Make a donation to your page using your own credit card and use cash to pay off.
    • Taking it to the pro shop to have it entered onto your Fundraising Pa
  • Check to see if your company offers a matching gifts program to double your contribution!
  • Let everyone know that just $10 can save a life! $50 will feed all FAMD kitties for 2 weeks! See more on WHERE MONEY GOES!

Useful Personal Appeals:
  • This is how your money will help an animal in need:
    • $25 (buys formula for an orphaned puppy or kitten)
    • $40 - spay / neuter a cat
    • $50 (feeds all shelter cats for 2 weeks)
    • $80 - spay / neuter a dog
    • $100 (cares for a puppy from intake to adoption)
    • $250 (covers initial medical costs for an injured cat/dog)
    • $500 (treats a small dog for heartworm)
  • Please help me reach my goal:
    • "Just $50 in pledges and I get an official B4AR t-shirt!" (just $25 if you are bowling in the event)
    • "Help me get $300 in pledges so I can be a VIB at the Bowling event!
    • "I only need $25 in pledges this week to be eligible for a special prize"
    • "I am bowling in the event, too so please help me be the Highest (Bowling) Fundraiser so I can win a new BOWLING BALL w/Lesson and BOWLING FUNDAMENTALS book!"
    • "I am bowling in this event, please Sponsor Me, pledging xxx per pin knocked down"
    • "Help me win one of the grand prizes as one of the highest fundraisers for Bowl-4-Animal Rescue!" (See prizes)
If you need help, please email info@bowl4animalrescue.org

More Successful Fundraising Ideas:
Past participants have found all kinds of creative ideas to raise money, like:
  • Buying a $$$ Gas Card and raffling it off to friends and/or co-workers! (Winner had donated it back!) Raised $1000!
  • Donating a MasterCard to raffle off at the Bowling event!
  • Ask to be Sponsored!
    Whether you are bowling the event or bowl off location, tell people you are bowling to help animals in need! Ask for a dime, quarter, 50 cents or a dollar per per scored pins knocked down! i.e. shoot 600 for 3 games, receive 10 cents per pin scored and you just raised $60 bucks (and that's just from 1 person!)
    Remember: Registered Bowlers and High School/Collegiate Bowlers have until August 31st to win special prize incentives: including a New Bowling Ball / Private Lessons!!!)
  • Save or Collect SPARE CHANGE!
  • Put a box out at work to collect refundable bottles and cans (don't forget a poster about your cause!) 
  • Having a bake sale or sell handmade jewelry!
  • Have (or participate in) a garage sale, ask if you can distribute flyers and have 10% or more benefit B4AR!
  • Ask that your birthday or holiday presents be a donation.
  • Make, or ask for, a donation "In Honor Of" or "In Memory Of"...

Raise $200 in 10 Days:
Put in your own $20 (Register now) ................. $20
+ Ask your spouse/partner/roommate for $20 .. $40
+ Ask 4 co-workers for $10 .............................. $80
+ Ask 4 friends for $10 ..................................... $120
+ Ask 2 relatives for $20 ................................... $160
+ Ask 2 neighbors for $10 ................................ $180
+ Ask your boss for $20 ................................... = $200

Let everyone know that just $10 can save a life!  $50 will feed all FAMD kitties for 2 weeks!  See more on WHERE MONEY GOES!

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