Nancy McGuire-Yaworsky

Thank you for visiting my page to support me in this most worthy cause!

Together we can help feed, shelter, vaccinate, treat and rescue so many animals!

Proceeds will benefit the animals in need!

This past year we rescued our Joey, so please help other animals find their forever homes! 

Funds raised: $1,105 of $1,000

Thank you donors
Barbara McGuire : $75
Andrew Yaworsky : $90
Cindy Schinsky $40 Cash Donation Vera McGuire $50 Cash Donation
Andrew Yaworsky : $200
Jessica McGuire : $50
Paul Yaworsky : $200
Richard Elliot : $50
Jaime Byrd : $50
Jolyn Hillebrand : $200
Joey is such a fabulously funny dog...he is lucky to have such loving humans that he can take care of and make so happy!
cheryl reynolds : $20
Amy Menon : $20
Love You Nancy
Judy Wiktor : $50
Gloria Yaworsky : $100